Shout out to my caregiver.  She saved my life in the first few months of being here. She was really strong and forceful with calling [first responders] when my blood sugar spiked and calling them again when they left because she knew I was not myself.

— Kitsap County

I feel very blessed by the care that I receive from KWA. I love all of my caregivers. Everyone is so pleasant, sincere and professional.

— Lewis County

My caregiver’s name is Angel, but she truly has been an angel in my life. I am so thankful for her services.

— King County

Caregiver assists a gentleman whose primary method of communication is by secret handshake.  Client has shared that his KWA Caregiver “participates in meaningful communication building trust, assisting me with getting up-and-at-‘em five days a week.  This has established much needed regularity in the my life” and provides respite to his Father.

— Jefferson County

My aides are fantastic! They communicate with each other in my home so that my all my care is covered. They will leave a note between shifts to one another so that I don’t have to keep track of what needs to be done and can just live!

— Kitsap County

Your caregiver and office staff have been a God-send.  You came to us when we needed you most, and the care was provided so fast.

— Clallam County

KWA is responsive to her needs, even with hard times we still manage to get her the care she needs, that she always feels that she is heard, always spoken to with respect, appreciates what the office staff do for her and the caregivers, and all the caregivers are wonderful she has on her team.

— Clallam County

The caregiver you sent to us really works hard. She is a professional caregiver indeed. Thank you for sending us such a wonderful person.  I really felt that a very important task was accomplished by means of a fluent supervisor-caregiver-client interrelationship.

— Snohomish County